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Figure 2 shows the typical loss of a nickel-based battery while in storage. The discharge is highest right after charge and tapers off.

The graph shows self-discharge of a nickel-based battery.

( See also BU-808: How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries ) Table 4: Self-discharge per month of Li-ion at various temperatures and state-of-charge Self-discharge increases with rising temperature and higher So C.High-performance Ni Cd has a higher self-discharge than the standard versions.Furthermore, the self-discharge increases with use and age, of which crystalline formation (memory) is a contributing factor.Lithium-ion should not be discharged below 2.50V/cell.

The protection circuit turns off and most chargers will not charge the battery in that state.Table 3 summarizes the expected self-discharge of different battery systems.